Largest Attended Superbones Superwounds West Ever

About the Conference

The largest attended Superbones Superwounds West (SBSWW) Conference took place virtually October 22-23 in cyberspace, affirming that podiatrists continue to like virtual conferences even after the COVID risk has diminished. At almost 700 attendees, attendance at this event eclipsed the largest attended virtual SBSWW by over 200 attendees and the largest live SBSWW by almost 400 attendees. In the post-event survey, 98.5% of attendees said they would like to attend a similar event again in the future and would recommend the event to their colleagues. Hundreds of testimonials, comments, and suggestions for future topics were submitted. Conference Chairman Harold Schoenhaus, DPM and Co-Chairs Robert Frykberg, DPM, MPH, Thomas Serena, MD, Stanley Kalish DPM and a brilliant faculty delivered a virtual education program that was uniformly praised by attendees. PRESENT e-Learning Systems remains committed to continuing to produce the SBSWW conference and others virtually into the future in addition to their in-person events.

Engagement Contest Winners

Sam Mark
Anum Dhukani
Kimberly Cheung
Christine Nguyen
Corinne Kauderer

Payman Hoshyarsar
Ramin Ghazizadeh
Desiree Dalcherone
Jeffrey Feld
Robert Lagman

Annie Truong
Andy Leung
Brandon Maijala
Brittany Jacques
Lisa Dadson

What Attendees are Saying

I have been attending the virtual meetings since 2020. The meetings have been extremely informative in both daily practice as well as surgical skills. Many pearls can be used immediately in the office as well as hospital surgical cases. Will be attending future Superbones and Wounds Seminars!
Oleh Lawrin, DPM

What a great conference! Thank you for helping us stay up to date with what is going on in the world of podiatric surgery, wound care and trauma. I will most likely attend another one of your events. The speakers were excellent. I especially appreciate the convenience of having this online conference especially with such a busy schedule. Your conference app was very user friendly! Thanks again to Present and the Exhibitors.
Teresa Damian, DPM

This was a great conference. I appreciated the length of lectures as lecturers tend to go to the meat of the subject when given 30 minutes verses the long history and lead in that usually happens with 60 minute lectures. I 'took home' a number of new tools for my practice.
Marlene Olson, DPM

The knowledge disseminated from this conference is going to improve patient care throughout the country. Without a doubt, each attendee must have been positively affected. I would also like to state that the camaraderie shown between lecturers was inspiring and fun to witness in the Q&A sessions. Which made the e-conference seem much more personal.
Thomas Huott, DPM

Excellent conference yet again! Very well organized and I appreciated the scope and breadth of the lecture topics and look forward to next year!
Nisha Bala Krishnan, DPM

PRESENT Thanks All Our Sponsors of the 2022 Superbones Superwounds West Virtual Conference and a Special Thank You to Our Grand Sponsor Organogenesis

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